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Electrified TX London Cab Cab debuts with 70 Mile EV Range

Just as the London taxi company was officially transformed into the London EV company (LEVC), the new electric TX cab was introduced, with order books opening on August 1.

By launching next year, the cabin will be powered by the eCity technology, which consists of an advanced battery drive train with a small petrol generator. LEVC says that it does 400 miles (643 km) total, including 70 miles (112 km) with zero emissions.The combined route of over 400 miles means that a driver could take passengers from London to Edinburgh or Paris without having to

“Today is an incredibly exciting day for the company, for which LEVC’s market launch marks the British leadership as “19459008”, LEVC CEO, Chris Gubbey stated.

Among the cabin features we include the immediately recognizable rectangular and circular spotlights, daytime running lights, mobile charging stations, Wi-Fi and tailgate with 90 ° opening.

In addition to the new London taxi known as “TX”, the company has also introduced its new name and brand logo, including the accessibility levels for hearing aids and contrasting gripper handles and seat edges for the visually impaired.

After an investment of £ 325 million

“From our heritage as a manufacturer of iconic London taxis, we have an unparalleled insight into the needs of commercial operators and draw the best British Design and Engineering As well as technical expertise from our sister company Volvo, our products will help transform the life of the city and provide taxpayers with an average weekly fuel saving of £ 100 compared to our outgoing diesel model, “ added Gubbey

LEVC has already received its first major international order of 225 units from the Netherlands to be delivered in 2018.source:



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