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Corvette Grand Sport Review 2017 Corvette Grand Sport INTERIOR Corvette Z07 Pack

Corvette Grand Sport Review by Oliver Gavin Le Mans Race Driver Chevy Corvette Grand Sport INTERIOR 2017 Z07 Corvette Grand Sport Price $66,465 Watch in UltraHD +

2017 Corvette Grand Sport Review 2017 New Chevy Grand Sport INTERIOR

With Corvette Racing in its DNA, the all-new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport is a pure expression of the car’s motorsports-bred pedigree. It was introduced today at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Like the 2015 Le Mans-winning Corvette C7.R GTE Pro race car, the new Grand Sport combines a lightweight architecture, a track-honed aerodynamics package, Michelin tires and a naturally aspirated engine.

The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport offers an estimated 1.05g in cornering capability – and up to 1.2g with the available Z07 package.

Seventh-generation Corvette validates that direct link and the 2017 Grand Sport takes its track-bred technology to a new, exciting threshold.”

The Corvette Grand Sport coupe and convertible go on sale this summer in the U.S. and in the fall in Europe.

Engineers adapted the chassis tuning, upgraded cooling systems, and performance technologies of the Corvette Z06 to give the new Grand Sport capability commensurate with its racing-derived history.

“We didn’t hold back with the new Grand Sport,” said Tadge Juechter, Corvette chief engineer. “For the first time, buyers can equip the Grand Sport with a Z07 performance package – which adds carbon-ceramic brakes, Michelin Sport Cup 2 summer tires, and carbon-fiber aero package that delivers true downforce.”

The result is a potent track car. In fact, the Grand Sport with the Z07 package is less than one second off the track record for the previous-generation Corvette ZR1 on the road course at GM’s Milford Proving Ground.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires: 285/30ZR19 (front) and 335/25ZR20 (rear)

Specific Grand Sport wheel design: 19×10 inches (front) and 20×12 inches (rear)

Brembo brake system with (355 mm) 14-inch rotors and six-piston calipers in front and (340 mm) 13.4 inch rotors and four-piston calipers in the rear

Standard electronic limited-slip differential

LT1 V8 engine rated at (343 kW) 460 hp, with dry-sump oiling system and active exhaust

Seven-speed manual transmission with active rev match and available eight-speed paddle-shift automatic with specific performance calibration

Available Z07 package adds carbon ceramic-matrix brakes and Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Cup tires.

In addition to track-focused aero elements, the Grand Sport also features specific front fender inserts, a Z06-style grille and wider rear fenders – a distinctive design package that gives the car a track-ready attitude.

Available Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition offered with special Tension Blue hash marks and interior – limited to 1,000 cars

Corvette Grand


Available in Corvette Grand

Sport 1LT, Corvette Grand

Sport 2LT and Corvette Grand

Sport 3LT trims

Corvette grand sport exhaust

Corvette grand sport convertible

Corvette Grand

Corvette Grand

Sport Z07 package

Corvette Grand

Sport 0-60-mph performance of 3.6 seconds and Corvette Grand

Sport quarter-mile capability of

11.8 seconds at 118 mph, with the available Corvette Grand

Sport Z07 performance package

and available paddle-shift eight-speed automatic Corvette Grand

Sport transmission

Unique Corvette Grand

Sport exterior elements include specific front fender

inserts and Corvette Z06-style grille, as well as wider fenders and

rear quarter panels to accommodate a wider track

Specific Grand Sport cup wheel design: 19×10 inches (front)

and 20×12 inches (rear), offered in five appearance finishes

Front splitter, rockers and wicker bill rear spoiler

(Corvette Grand

Sport carbon fiber ground effects available)

Brembo Corvette Grand

Sport braking system adapted from the Corvette Z06 offers

estimated 60-0-mph performance of less than 100 feet

Standard Corvette Grand

Sport coupe magnetic ride control and electronic limited-slip differential

corvette grand sport for sale Available Corvette Z07 package adds larger carbon ceramic-

matrix brake rotors in addition to the PS Cup 2 tires

Corvette Grand


Four standard air bags, including side-impact air bags

Four-wheel disc brakes with four-channel ABS

Active Handling with electronic stability control

Standard run-flat Corvette Grand

Sport tires and tire pressure monitoring

The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport builds on a legacy established in 1963,

when five Grand Sport race cars were built under the direction

of the Corvette’s first chief engineer, Zora Arkus-Duntov.


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