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Skoda Kodiaq vRS is coming

Skoda will return to a multiple-vrs line up from mid-2018 when a diesel-handiest kodiaq vrs arrives, sitting alongside petrol and diesel variations of the octavia vrs. Don’t ask us how we recognize, we simply recognize… alright?

As you’d count on, the bodywork could be definitely more desirable, with deeper frame coloured bumpers punctured with the aid of large vents, unique wheels and jazzed-up interior. Expect the springs and dampers to receive a mild fettling to address greater lively cornering, even though the trip top must remain the identical – keeping the kodiaq’s suv-ness.

It’s believed most effective a 4x4 diesel version might be presented – probably the 181bhp 2.0-litre tdi from the octavia vrs (which outsells the petrol vrs  to at least one inside the united kingdom), although its vital stats (zero-62mph in 7.6secs, 142mph, 55.4mpg) might be harmed a touch via the seven-seater kodiaq’s greater generous proportions and mass. Rather, skoda could reach for the top shelf of the vw components cupboard and poach the 237bhp 2.0-litre bitdi from the vw passat. We strongly urge them to head for the latter.

Speaking of proportions, the kodiaq gets an entire new set of them whilst a coupe version launches in late 2018. Unfortunately, for all you cost-aware style freaks out there, it will most effective be constructed and offered in china initially, although if skoda bosses can locate extra production capacity in europe it may be bought right here in due course.

What european clients can start looking forward to, however, is a third, infant member of skoda’s blossoming suv own family to sit down underneath the karoq. Primarily based at the a0 mqb platform (shared with the vw t-roc and seat arona, which offers you an concept of length) the as-yet-unnamed crossover (even though it’s truthful to expect it's going to start with a ‘ok’ and end with a ‘q’, skoda kaq? Koq?… your bet is as right as ours) might be the front-wheel drive best and go on sale in mid-2019.

New product, specially new suvs, is more suitable information for skoda which is on route to promote close to 1.2m cars globally in 2017, which could be another record-breaking tally following a 1.1m haul in 2016.

Pictured: skoda kodiaq sportline


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