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Lotus Evora Sport 410 GP Edition

British Sport's car maker Lotus recently unveiled the special edition of the Evora Sport 410 for the North American market. The new model comes in the D iconic Lotus team F1 colour scheme - the famous black and gold.
The Evora Sport 410 GP Edition will just be limited to an exclusive run of five vehicles.s $110,000.

in step with jean-marc gales, ceo, organization lotus p.c 
“remaining 12 months we embarrassed competitors with a car that value much less but out-classed their excellent. this year the equal competitors are in for a wonder. much less mass, decreased drag and more downforce means the evora recreation 410 is not most effective faster at the directly, however also while cornering. it's far without same, being each subtle and intuitive, and again suggests that we are making our first-rate ever automobiles. the response to the evora sport 410 given that its debut in europe and asia has been excellent, and we know that our american and canadian clients will certainly appre…

BMW Global Sales By Model 2016

It wasn't that long ago tat the world was BMW's oyster. It was creating new niches everywhere for an ever expanding range of models. It was the biggest selling premium brand and that didn't look like changing anytime soon. Mercedes decided to follow the strategy that proved so successful for BMW and suddenly there are full beam headlights in BMW's rear view mirror. Then a swift overtaking manoeuvre and the Three Pointed Star was ahead.

The seeming ease of this positional change caught me by surprise. If the MINI brand is included in BMW's numbers, it still is the biggest selling premium. However the fact remains that things are fluid in the premium sector.

Mercedes doles out statistics like a miser does money while BMW has been generous with the statistical lowdown on sales and production. I don't think it matters what a company releases as the competition knows its adversaries anyway. That said, BMW is moving the MB way. Hopefully not too far.

Already, varian…

2017 World Car Of The Year

The world COTY award goes back to 2005, with judges from all around the world voting. Of course, any decision reached is based on their opinions but at least have jurors from all corners of the world gives it a broader consensus. Local bias is not a factor. A quick look at previous winners first:

2005: Audi A6
2006: BMW 3-Series
2007: Lexus LS400
2008: Mazda Demio (Mazda 2)
2009: VW Golf
2010: VW Polo
2011: Nissan Leaf
2012: VW Up!
2013: VW Golf
2014: Audi A3
2015: Mercedes C-Class
2016 Mazda MX-5

Eight German and four Japanese brands in all. VW with four gongs, Mazda and Audi two each. Now for the 2017 year.

Luxury Car: Mercedes E-Class
Performance Car: Porsche Boxter/Cayman
Green Car: Toyota Prius Prime
Urban Car: BMW i3
Car Design of the Year: Jaguar F-Pace

World Car of the Year 2017:

Jaguar F-Pace.

The Jaguar F-Pace took two awards, the best design and best overall. Well deserved I say and a different nation contributing adds variety. Now would that be the UK or India?

Mercedes benz amga45 2017 Review

In 2018 Mercedes will launch an all-new compact car platform to underpin the next A-Class, meaning the current version – which has sold strongly since its launch in 2012 – is on the way out.

That also means replacement time for the Mercedes-AMG A45 4Matic – the car that set the hot hatch horsepower bar, with its heavily boosted 2.0-litre motor producing prodigious power for a production four-pot. No other on sale offers as much horsepower per litre.

Given the opportunity to take one final drive in the A45, we travelled to Hungary to hit road and track. Has evolution been kind to this £50k rival to the Audi RS3 and BMW M2?

Turning on the charm

In Race Red with optional aero kit (carbon here, air-carving winglet there), combined with Mercedes’ already angular, aggressive styling language, the A45 looks plain angry. And that’s before you’ve prodded the engine-start mushroomoid.

Equipped with the sports exhaust (an absolute essential AMG upgrade), that four-banger barks into life with a …