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Super Car Porche 911 GT3 has Blitzed Nurburgring 7m 12s

Stop what you’re doing. Porsche has posted a ‘Ring time for the new 911 GT3, and it’s quick. 7 minutes, 12.7 seconds, set by Porsche test driver Lars Kern in a “standard trim” car equipped with the PDK ‘box, Michelin Pilot Sport 2s and optional rear-wheel steering.

That storming time equates to a 12.3s gain over its GT3 predecessor around the circuit, which is some considerable margin. We’re told on the day, the air temperature was eight degrees, while the track itself was 14 degrees: “ideal” for Kern to go full throttle.

“A few years ago,” explains Andreas Preuninger, Porsche’s GT boss, “lap times like this could only ever be achieved by thoroughbred racing cars with slick tyres. The new GT3 can now achieve this with comparatively modest power, but is still fully suited to everyday use.”

The Pretty New Porsche Panamera Is Already Way More Popular than the Ugly Old Porsche Panamera Ever Was
The engine is the only major difference between this new GT3 and the car it replaces – the 4.0-l…

The Pretty New Porsche Panamera Is Already Way More Popular than the Ugly Old Porsche Panamera Ever Was

The first second-generation Porsche Panamera I ever spotted was missing its front end. It was still distinctly more attractive than the first-generation Porsche Panamera ever was. My house is near the CN Autoport in Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia. Dozens of stevedores drive mostly European-built new vehicles off Wallenius Wilhelmsen ships to parking lots near a main road, incidentally known as Main Road.

Typically, if I time my drives past just right, I see long lines of new cars, such as the British-built Honda Civic Hatchback or the Volvo V90, weeks before a single one arrives at your local dealer. Ever so slightly closer to my home than the Autoport itself is a smaller building where the damaged vehicles go. Today, there’s a Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, sans rear bumper, parked outside. A few months ago, mere seconds before feasting my eyes upon a line of second-gen Porsche Panameras, I saw the aforementioned damaged Panamera. “Maaaaaan, that car is pretty.” And then I remembered the old…

Opel Vauxhall Production Sites

GM Europe was quite open with data and I hope it goes further under the new property. However, I expect it to be included in the PSA data. For now, at least, we can penetrate into the production volumes and from where they arise.
The nations in vehicle construction are Germany, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, France, Bursa (Europe). Elsewhere in South Korea. The facilities in France are owned by Renault and in Turkey by Tofas in a joint production agreement with Fiat.
Gliwice, Poland: Astra and Cascada Rüsselsheim, Germany: Zafira, Insignia This image is part of the following image and can not be included in the content of this entry. (1945-19006) Batilly, United Kingdom: Movano (van.), United Kingdom, United States of America, United States of America, ) Bursa, Turkey: Combo (van) Sandouville, France: Vivaro (van) Bupyeong, S. Korea: Antara It will be interesting to see how the plant use In the future. There are also some other places where powertrains are made (Austria, Germany and H…

Jacked or banged - how do you like your BMW M1?

If there is a model of the extensive history of BMW that we would like to see, it is certainly the M1. Sure, the 3.0 CSL was a legend, and the 8 Series was smooth - but the M1 was a real mid-engine supercar, even though this engine was only a modest 3.5-liter in-line six. Fountain rain Prisk has answered the call - if not with a physical revitalization of the machine, at least with an artistic.This new rendering shows two very different (and quite theoretical) takes the Giugiaro-designed Bavarian wedge.

One, as you can see, is hit on the ground - the asphalt with a (practically) lowered suspension and riding on fat-colored dunlop slicks torn. The other adopts the same approach that the Estonian designer has applied to it.

Many other supercars: Pick it up from the road and tie it up with all sorts of off-road equipment, from the cracking tires and the bull's bar For auxiliary lighting. Both could beat the purists as a perversion The Ultimate Ultimate Driving Machines. But they …

Mitusbishi could create new sedan and pickup in U.S.

Mitsubishi’s new Chief Operating Officer has a variety of plans for the future of the company and is considering bringing a new sedan and pickup to the US.

With the company being revitalized by entering the Renault-Nissan alliance, Mitsubishi is expected to achieve a year-on-year profit for the fiscal year ending March 31, a dramatic turnaround from internal forecasts before Trevor Mann becomes the new COO. Always with Automotive News showed man that the United States as well as China and Southeast Asia are considered as the main drivers of the current recovery and is aware of the additional flexibility that the car manufacturer has after the partnership With Renault and NissanAccording to man it would be conceivable that a pickup on a Nissan platform is set up, while Renault Nissan could also get a cock on the shoulder to help Mitsubishi to create a new sedan Imminent death of the Lancers.
“It’s something we should look at. As we move forward and begin to have common platforms, an…

Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty looks at Slammin 39 on 26-inch Forgiato rims

We have to be honest: adapting pickups for ongoing performance has never made sense to us. These are actually workhorses, sometimes also off-roaders – but no sports car, pony car or muscle car. Once in a while, we see something cool to think about. Like this custom Ford Super Duty.
This project is the work of a guy named Topo of TS Designs, which goes through the handle of Wide Body King. And it’s not hard to see why.His Majesty has taken a Ford F-250 XLT, the wheel arches extinguished, laid him on the ground and equipped with a set of 26 inches Forgiato Sincro wheels – tailor made with black and red spokes and silver rums around the Body of the truck.
The finished product, which was shown last year at SEMA, does not look as if it were a lot of utility vessels or the equipment to a remote place off the beaten track. It could still be good to haul a considerable trailer, but we suspect that everything it is used is cruising. Just why you would need a heavy truck here, we do not know. But…

2017 Toyota Highlander Review: The Camry of Crossovers

2017 Toyota Highlander

– Cleveland, Ohio
The Toyota Highlander has been refined over time like a smooth stone on a sandy shoreline. Any glare errors during its 16 years on sale in the United States were erased by evolution, leaving a fairly polished product behind. For 2017, Toyota has continued to optimize the Highlander with changes that only make this three-row crossover better, including its safety-sense suite of advanced safety equipment standard on every equipment level. For families who place safety at the top of their list of priorities, this alone left them to the Highlander. It still has some rough edges.
Comfortable and compound ride I was impressed with the pleasant ride of the highlander. The suspension is insulated on the softer side, the occupants of sloops and railroad rails, but it does not feel full in the corners. There is a good balance here that is perfect for suburban parents who grind their children.
Clever Tray in Hyphen The Highlander has a tray in the d…