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Cars New Mag | VW profit per brand 2016

This item is for sale This item is not in stock and must be reordered. Car sales upward look impressive, but profit is the most important – but often invisible – element of a company. Without them, a company will not survive long. The VW Group has spent a lot of money with its defeat machine, but now it has to pay. Nevertheless, it is big enough to cope with the consequences.

How did the various divisions manage in 2016? They all have earned money to some extent. In the following they are listed loudly per unit profit, the strongest first:

Porsche only goes back to 2012 with the Volkswagen Group orders and this was the second-best year. The per unit profit is impressive.
Bentley: € 10.182 per unit (+ 1.8%), sales 11,000.
Despite the entry into a sales stop in Korea, it still held good. The new Bentayga can add until the end of 2017.
Audi: € 3.159 per unit (-5.9%), turnover 1.534.000
This is the lowest p.u. Profit since 2010, despite the total sales only in 2011 eclipsed (with a tiny mar…

2 years follow-up to the all girls garage, success! There are now 6 garages in the US owned by women. So, even if you support this, take your business to them

I announced this in June 2015 when it was still a goal:

The Girls Auto Clinic provides full-service auto repair, female mechanics, manis, pedis and blowouts while you wait, all in a nice lounge Women. Http://

Plus, they have a monthly free clinic on autopflege, how to talk to a mechanic and what to do in a car emergency. Https://

Plus, they have the Pennsylvania certificate for vehicle and emission control!

Car repair shops are not known for catering women, so Patrice Banks is trying to change that with a business model that focuses on female customers.

The banks ended their engineering job at DuPont and enrolled in the automotive school, partly because they were unpleasant to auto repair shops.

“I hated all my experiences, which came for an oil change, the whole time for an air filter was complex.”

Banks began to measure their friends, women they met through their job, The woman who bought them every morning asked them: What do you…

2018 Subaru Forester receives smaller price increase and new black issue

Based on the Forester 2.5i Premium, the Black Edition offers a modest, reworked exterior with black fog lights and 18-inch light-alloy wheels with a black finish. The crossover was also equipped with LED headlights and a unique radiator grille with a darkened wing motif. There are four different colors, including Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl, Dark Gray Metallic and Ice Silver Metallic.

The unique styling contributes to the interior, as designers attach special seats with exclusive upholstery and simulated leather cushions. The drivers will also find silver contrasting seams and a leather-covered steering wheel with paddle slides. Otherwise, there are silvery metallic luster and glossy black accents.

 Subaru has introduced the 2018 Forester Black Edition.
In addition to the unique styling features, the Forester Black Edition is equipped with additional standard features including a rear loading bay and a welcome lighting. The all-weather package is also standard and it inc…

Car New Mag | Mercedes A-Class, which extends to Spearhead Benz Compact Luxury Assault

Go back a decade or two and the notion of luxury, for most customers, meant a big car. But with fuel prices rising, emissions regulations, and cities plunging, more buyers are looking for smaller cars that do not hit the luxury.
Upscale car makers have made smaller vehicles in response to this and in greater variety. And the boss among them, one could argue is Mercedes-Benz, who is now preparing to launch its fourth generation of the A-Class.
Discovered by our Paparazzi at CarPix while he is in his home country Germany, the MkIV A-Class, Is still quite well hidden from our curious eyes with this form-hide (albeit positive) camouflage. But we already have an idea of ​​how it looks as soon as Mercedes is ready to show it to the world.

Despite its compact orientation, the Next Gen A Class seems to have grown in size Again, offers more space for passengers and freight, and easier access thanks to a larger tailgate trim. We can also expect that a range of petrol and diesel engines is offered …

Car New Mag | Ford South Africa: A success story

Way back in 2002, Ford had fallen to the 12th ranking of the car brand in the RSA. Since then, it has been gradually creeping until the 3rd to 2014, where it has remained since then. The market share in 02 02 was 2.2% and in 2016 11%. So what did Ford do right?
There are sources that are sold in mature markets as well as for emerging ones. The RSA is a mixture of such customers so Ford has something for everyone. Of course, other car companies do the same but not to the level that Ford does.
The assembly of Everest large SUV started, which was imported from Thailand before. It connects its sibling ranger’s pickup as a second locally sourced vehicle and that should help model sales grow. So let’s see what it sells, the top 3 of 2016 sold:
Fiesta: A world-famous model, which is also sold well here.
EcoSport: A small SUV that comes from India and is mainly oriented towards emerging countries.
Figo: It was an older model Fiesta, but from 2015 on the mini-Ka and also comes from India.
It i…

Car New Mag | Is the 2017 VW Golf R almost perfect ?

In a world in which the Ford Focus RS and Honda Civic Type R are equipped with crazy tail wings, widened arches and gaping wide air rims, it can be easy to forget the VW Golf R. Finally, it looks almost identical to any other golf in the eyes of the casual observer.

However, the Golf R is not a car to underestimate. The existing model could be a bit compared to its main rivals, but it is still the king when it comes to overall performance, luxury, comfort, and practicality.Well, the guys at Carfection recently jumped behind the wheel of an example in 2017 to find out, and while the conclusion should not surprise you (it’s not perfect), the German Hot Luke isn? T far away.

In its latest form, the hatch delivers 306 hp from its 2.0-liter TSI engine and, when installed with the optional Akrapovic exhaust, like this model, it sounds surprisingly impressive.


Volvo CEO says that car manufacturers stop developing new diesel

According to Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, the Swedish car manufacturer will cease to develop new diesel engines, as the cost of reducing nitrogen oxide levels will be increased
“From today’s point of view, we will not develop new diesel engines of the new generation,” Samuelsson said when he was interviewed by the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung as Autonews

Your alternative is, of course, to invest electric and hybrid vehicles, with a pure electromodel, which is to come to market in 2019. “We have to realize that Tesla has managed to offer such a car for the people, and there should be room for us with high quality and attractive design,” Samuelsson added Also believes that stricter emission rules will reduce the price of diesel cars to the point where plug-in hybrids will actually become an attractive alternat, Ive.
One of the reasons why Volvo can not afford to cut off its diesel engine production is, of course, a popular one. Diesel cars account for more than 50% of all new regi…

Toyota GT86 Club Series Orange Edition goes on sale in the UK From £ 28,800

Toyota is keeping the GT86 competitive by introducing the Orange Edition in the UK, following the footsteps of a similar version that debuted in Japan six months ago.

The Toyota GT86 Orange Edition is now being sold to British dealers, with prices starting at £ 28,800 ($ 37,167) with a stick-and-stick version of the “Club Series,” celebrating the brand’s motorsport heritage with limited editions of the two- Shift start, And £ 30,270 ($ 39,064) with the six-speed automatic transmission

As you may have already guessed, this GT86 comes in a triple coat of solar orange, with metallic black details on the side mirror housings and rear spoiler tips. The anthracite 17-inch light-alloy rims add to their special flair and round up the list of external visual updates.

Inside, the sports seats are dressed in black leather and Alcantara, contrasting seams and black suede with matching seams for the dashboard and door trim. Other features include the heated front seats, aluminum pedals and Toyota …

Only a car guy: the prosperity special

The Prosperity Special was a train that left a total of 24 Baldwin locomotives, part of a 50s order, until 27 May 1922. They came west from the Baldwin locomotive to East St. Louis and took the cotton belt line across Texas and was transferred to El Paso on SP tracks.
Thousands of spectators lined the tracks to see an almost half-mile long train, made up of new locomotives that left the country to California. A large signboard was built on the lead locomotive, The Prosperity Special & # 39 ;.
The special arrived at the beginning of the year in Taylor Yard in Los Angeles. Half of the locomotives would remain here and lead heavy goods across the Beaumont Hill and the Tehachapi Pass, the rest of the locomotives went to Sacramento for duty across the Sierra Nevadas, the train stopped to take water before the descent In Bakersfield and the journey into the valley to their new home in Sacramento

A few years ago I took this picture of the completed 50 in Eddystone, Pennsylvania: http: //jus…

Liberty Walk Honda S660 is a Japan-Only Affair

Liberty Walk has evolved from its comfort zone of modifying high-end machines and has a special upgrade package for the Honda S660.
Immediately recognizable as a car tuned by the Japanese company, the Mini Roadster has received a series of visual mods.
This includes new bumpers at both ends, large side skirts, luggage compartment spoiler, diffuser and screw cap, space for a set of Aftermarket wheels, packaged in performance tires.
The tuner offers two versions of the complete body kit, both made from FRP and paid at 648,000 yen ($ 5,715) and 475,000 ($ 4,190) yen in the land of the rising sun Future through two further variants. An optional air suspension can also be ordered from 580,000 ($ 5,115)

. Despite all the muscular, Liberty Walk’s tuning upgrade for the Honda S660, which is officially referred to as the SSX-660R, lacks the grunt, and retains the bearing 0.66-liter turbo’s three-banger 64HP (63 hp).
Honda still holds the S660 on the JDM, where it is part of the Kei Car segment and …

All about cars: Opel / Vauxhall Euro Sales

When closer to the national sales of Opel / Vauxhall, certain countries are more than others. So in the final in this short series, let’s see how the national shopping was varied.
First Germany is the largest market in Europe and where Opel is based. That has not been for sale in this decade. It was comfortably behind Europe’s second largest, the British. France may be the third nation in size, but ran fifth since 2011, when it was a place higher. Ironically Opel / Vauxhall will come under France’s PSA control, so it will be interesting to see if that makes a difference. The Spanish automotive industry is benefiting from Opel / Vauxhall to explain the strong support it receives there.
The other (6th-10th) consequences generally the respective markets, with the exception of Denmark over its weight. Russia was abandoned by Opel, therefore the crash there. Of those who are not included, Sweden is a notable omission.
12 13 14 15 16
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 1 1 1 1 1 UK 258.8…

Banderas, Baldwin Performers In Lamborghini and Ferrari Biopic

Another film that portrays the life of Enzo Ferrari is supposedly in production, but the automobile icon would not be the star of the show. After Variety the film Antonio Banderas as Ferruccio Lamborghini starts and tells his story in the sports car scene. Alec Baldwin would play Ferrari and be the officer of the action.

According to Variety screenwriter Bobby Moresco of Crash would be the action on the book Ferruccio Lamborghini La storia ufficiale by Lamborghini’s son Tonino. The plot was supposed to focus on the history of the industrialist from the Second World War to start the auto business in the early 1960s.
Lamborghini has famed its own car maker, with the bad reliability of its Ferrari, especially the clutch, when we Banderas.
And Baldwin in their best Italian accents for two hours, you could make a great movie. Especially when you consider how many beautiful 1960s Italian sports cars would be on the screen.
Unfortunately, until this film comes into the cinemas, we take his …


“we’re already all related to the wireless,” miguel cortina sr. tells me via the open window as i method the scarlet purple minivan. he’s speaking for himself, his wife, cecilia; his daughter, fernanda; and his eldest son and motor trend en español editor, miguel jr. they’ve been in the van less than five mins.

the cortina own family has joined me and photographer robin trajano on hawaii’s large island for the release of the all-new 2018 honda odyssey, and that they’ll be consulting on our reviews. i can be a expert car reviewer, but i don’t have kids and that i’ve had little revel in loading children and their stuff right into a minivan. i can let you know how the odyssey rides and handles and all that, however the cortinas have owned seven minivans from four automakers (which includes two odysseys) over nearly  decades. they recognize this stuff internal and out.

it’s straight away apparent whilst we prevent for a smash. the circle of relatives is digging around the shipment region,…

Alphabet’s Waymo self riding Car Department

alphabet’s waymo self-riding car department has inked a cope with journey-hailing massive lyft to boost up the improvement and implementation of autonomous automobile technologies.

the information york times obtained phrase approximately the deal from  insiders speaking on the situation of anonymity. they record that waymo and lyft will collaborate on a number of pilot initiatives and product improvement efforts to deliver self-using technology into the mainstream.

in a announcement, a lyft spokeswoman said “waymo holds these days’s pleasant self-driving era, and collaborating with them will accelerate our shared vision of improving lives with the sector’s best transportation.”

this sentiment turned into echoed by using waymo who wrote “lyft’s imaginative and prescient and dedication to improving the manner towns circulate will assist waymo’s self-riding generation attain more human beings, in extra places.”

waymo and lyft haven’t special what products they intend on bringing to the marke…