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Hidden rear doors hold Ferraris SUV looking like a sports car

If we had a nickel for each time, we heard someone from Ferrari say they would not build a SUV, we would have almost enough money to actually buy one. That would be great, because despite his perseverance, the rumors say that Maranello has just such a project in the works.

The latest comes from Autocar, which reported that contrary to the usual crossover styling the design of the high-speed Prancing Horse hides its rear doors, giving it a more coupé-like profile.
Codename F16X, the Ferrari Commercial Vehicle (FUV), is likely to be mechanically divided mechanically with the GTC4 Lusso, including its all-wheel drive system, and the twin-turbo V8 or naturally aspirated V12 engines that produce 602 or 681 HP in the GTC4 , It will also likely have a tailgate and four (or five) seats, but sit higher on the road and potentially even incorporate a hybrid powertrain.
So how will Ferrari get away with the rolling out of a SUV at the existence That it is not easy: It will only say it is not an…

2018 Audi A8 - Perfect Sedan!!

2018 Audi A8 price, specs and release date

New Audi A8 luxury car revealed

Improved performance and efficiency

First ever use of level 3 autonomous driving tech

All-wheel steering improved stability and manoeuvrability

Audi has pulled the covers from the latest A8 – its luxury car competitor to the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series. Its new model wades into battle with subtly evolved styling, enhanced performance and efficiency, along with the first production application of level 3 autonomous driving tech.

Audi A8 styling

If you saw the old A8, the new one won’t look like much of a departure. It’s still defined by long, muscular bodywork with a crease that along the lower edge of the doors serving to break up the metalwork. The roof is quite curved but there should be more than enough room for six footers to sit in the back in comfort.

The front has a wide front grille with pointed headlights either side. The brakelights are now joined by an LED strip that stretches over the boot lid…

VW Group shipped a massive 5.1 million vehicles in the first six months of 2017

The strategies of the Volkswagen Group worldwide have paid off since the German giant in the first half of 2017 was able to deliver a total of 5,115,900 vehicles.
This represents an increase of 0.8 percent compared to the previous period.
Europe was the main market of the automobile company, which amounted to 2.271 800 cars, 3.5 percent, shortly after the Asia-Pacific, where 1.96.200 units were delivered to customers, including 1,862 .000 in China.
The Germans also did well in North America and sent 3.9 percent more cars from January to the end of June. In the US, sales rose by 7.2 percent to 293,400. In South America, sales rose by 11.4 percent and contributed to the delivery of 248,300 vehicles.
As usual, Volkswagen cars were the most favored 2,935,100, a plus of 0.3 percent, followed by Audi with 909,000, Skoda, Seat and Porsche, with 585,000, 246,500 and 126,500.
The deliveries of Volkswagen"s commercial vehicles rose by 5 percent to 249,800 and the MAN and Scania truck…

2018 Audi A8 Review

The new Audi A8: future of the luxury class

Today is where the future begins in the luxury class: The new Audi A8 makes its world debut at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. In its fourth generation, the flagship model again provides the benchmark for Vorsprung durch Technik – with a new design language, an innovative touchscreen operating concept and a systematically electrified drive. The Audi A8 is also the first production automobile in the world to have been developed for highly automated driving. From 2018, Audi will gradually be taking piloted driving functions such as parking pilot, garage pilot and traffic jam pilot into production.

Doyen of style: the exterior design

The Audi A8 is stylistically defining – it signals the dawning of a new design era for the entire brand. The front end with the wide, upright Singleframe grille and the fluid, muscular body symbolize sporty elegance, sophistication and progressive status. The new A8 delivers on the promise made by the Audi prologue d…

Brabus-tuned GLS could be the loudest human tugboat in Monaco

Because if the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 simply is not enough, it leaves Brabus to make an explanation.

A quick answer to why someone would consider the Brabus treatment for their GLS 63 would be simply because the German tuner will make your full-size SUV much faster and louder.
Brabus will also add further fenders to the GLS 63, although this specific unit does not feature the extended body. Overall, the best thing to do in terms of power is the Brabus 850 XL model, which packs 850 hp instead of "only" 585 hp.
The Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 sprints at 4.6 km and 62 mph in 4.6 seconds and at 250 km / h (155 mph) at the camp. With a little help from Brabus, these numbers improve to 4.2 seconds and 300 km / h (186 mph) – make this thing just as fast as a Bentley Bentayga.
This particular car but only features Brabus cosmetic treatment, without any significant improvements in performance – according to the video description that this car calls a "Brabus 600" model.
Either way…

2018 Audi A8 - Revolution Technology

00:00 Active suspension

00:19 Traf­fic jam pi­lot

00:42 Mild hybrid electric vehicle with active suspension

03:02 Dynamic all-wheel steering

04:41 Park assistance systems

05:23 Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV)

06:30 “Driver’s Test” – Spider-Man- Homecoming

07:30 Audi AI remote parking pilot
Audi’s next-generation A8 has been spotted again.
The car is confirmed for a reveal on July 11 but won’t reach showrooms until 2018. It will arrive as a 2019 model.

The new A8, the nameplate’s fourth generation, is the first model to be styled under the guidance of Marc Lichte who took over the design reins at Audi in late 2013.

He’s already previewed the new look with the series of Prologue concepts, which, judging by our latest spy shots and video, the new A8 will closely resemble. The size of the vehicle isn’t changing much compared with the current A8, though the nose looks to be a little longer.
Under the new sheet metal is the latest evolution of Audi’s MLB platform, which is destined for a number of…

Jaguar E-Pace Hits The gym, comes as a high performance R-S

It was just a matter of time before Jaguar"s latest product, the E-Pace, fell into the hands of rendering artists.

This version of the SUV, designed by XTomi is intended to show how a high-performance RS variant might look like, by incorporating a new front bumper, side skirts, carbon fiber trim, black accents, sports suspension and larger rims.
In its new form it would gladly take over the range-topping versions of the BMW X1 and Mercedes GLA, helped by a strong powertrain. If it could fit into the engine compartment, the 5.0-liter V8 of the brand would give the E-Pace with exceptional performance.
However, although Jaguar plans a performance variant of their new SUV, it is highly unlikely that such a massive unit will be obtained, but we suspect a supercharged V6 with around 400 hp like the one that the F The most powerful 2018 Jaguar E-Pace, which can now buy money, uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 300 hp (296 hp)) and 400Nm (295lb-ft) , While the range-top…

2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom Leaks Via Brochure?

A Motor1 reader has sent us a juicy tip regarding the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom set to debut most likely before the end of the month. A trio of images has been published by a Chinese website and these are showing what seems to be the 2018 Phantom as the design matches what numerous spy images have been showing for the past few months.
Because of its special status, a Rolls-Royce is not that type of car that needs to undergo many styling changes from one generation to the other, hence why the Phantom VIII will bring only mild cosmetic tweaks compared to its predecessor.
Up front, the all-LED headlights have a sleeker, more high-tech look and flank an imposing grille bathed in chrome. There’s more of the shiny treatment noticeable on the bumper, which has been redesigned from the ground up and it now has more expansive vents.

These images, which seem to be photographs of the digital brochure, are depicting a two-tone Phantom VIII with the upper body painted in blue and col…

Amazing of the Best 2017 Mini Cars

Amazing of the Best 2017 Mini Cars

This video is about Best of Amazing Mini Cars with engine. If you wanna see best of Ultimate Amazing Mini Cars with engine watch this video and if you like it hit the like button. Here are our selections for the best small cars of 2017 and 2018. of the best small cars, best compact cars, or best sport compacts available today.

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2018 Audi A8 - King Coming Soon!!!

Interview Marc Lichte:

The new Audi A8 reflects the progressive face of the brand.”
Marc Lichte has been Head of Audi Design since 2014. On July 11, 2017 the fourth generation of the Audi A8 will be presented at the Audi Summit in Barcelona. The luxury sedan emphasizes a new design language.
There are just a few days left until the world premiere of the new A8. How important is this day for the Audi design?

Marc Lichte: With the world premiere of the Audi A8 in Barcelona, we will have come full circle. From the perspective of a designer, this is a place that stands out because of its special light conditions. Precisely for this reason, this is where we selected the design of our flagship car, together with our Board of Management, three years ago. The A8 is the first production model showing the future design language and, as a result, it fundamentally reflects the progressive face of the brand.
Speaking of progressive: how would you define that term?

Marc Lichte: At Audi the design always …

2018 Audi A8 - INTERIOR review

Luxury lounge: the interior

Freedom is the defining design feature with a new luxury slant. This explains the A8’s resemblance to a lavish, spacious lounge. Compared to the predecessor model, it has grown substantially in length in both body versions.
The range of equipment and materials is extensive, with every detail radiating superlative bespoke quality – from the perforation in the seat upholstery to the electrically opened and closed shutters on the air vents.

The classiest seat in the new Audi flagship model is in the rear right – the optional relaxation seat in the A8 L that comes with four different adjustment options and a footrest. In this seat, the passenger can warm and massage the soles of their feet on a unit with multiple settings incorporated into the back of the front-passenger seat. The new comfort head restraints complete the experience. The rear passengers can also control an array of functions such as ambient lighting, the new HD Matrix reading lights and seat massag…

2018 Audi A8 Vs 2017 BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series vs 2018 Audi A8
The current BMW 7 Series’ design has been given mixed reviews by BMW fans. Some think it’s a superb flagship luxury car that combines the best of both sporty looks and elegant design. Some think it looks like a dog’s vomit. Like most things subjective, there will never be a unanimous liking or disliking the 7 Series design. However, it’s in comparison with others that really allows us to evaluate the 7 Series’ design and whether or not BMW will have its work cut out for itself when designing the LCI (that’s right, we’re the sole influence on which design direction BMW takes…). So why not compare it with the absolute newest car in the segment, the 2018 Audi A8?
The A8 is brand-spanking new, having just made its official debut today. It features an all new design, completely new chassis, new engines and an almost absurd amount of new technology. Though, like the 7 Series when it first debuted, its styling is getting seriously mixed reviews. Some love its subtl…

Range Rover Velar Review "World"s Most Advanced SUV?" Documentary Range Rover Velar 2017 Review HD

New 2017 Range Rover Velar Review Is The Range Rover Velar World’s Most Advanced SUV? Billions Star Damian Lewis Narrated Documentary Range

• The Design Museum, London hosts the world premiere of the new Range Rover Velar as it reveals and exhibits a vehicle for the first time

• Range Rover Velar: designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK

• New Range Rover Velar is the new addition to the Range Rover family, filling the space between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport

• Consumer focussed technology turns the New Range Rover Velar into a digital butler to enhance customers’ lives

• New Range Rover Velar now on public display in the Design Museum until 5 March, signalling the start of an on-going Jaguar Land Rover partnership

• New Range Rover Velar on sale now for customers to order from Land Rover retailers now, Range Rover Velar goes on sale from Summer 2017 (market dependant…

Lamborghini Huracan vs. Ferrari 458 Spider Drag Race has a clear winner

The Lamborghini Huracan is rather a competitor to the Ferrari 488 GTB than the older spider, but how does it stack up against this? Coming to this question is to answer a drag race organized earlier this year, during the 2017 Spring Event, which will see the two Italian exotic head to head.

Apart from some visual mods, the two supercars seem to be bearing, which means that the Lamborghini Huracan has a distinct advantage over the Ferrari 458 Spider, as it is not only lighter, but also more powerful, with the 5.2-liter V10 Engine which puts 610 hp against the Ferraris 570.
At the opposite end, Prancing Horse"s vehicle, which was converted into the 488 GTB more than 2 years ago, uses a 4.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, which in the Contrary to the newer model, which has taken over the turbocharger technology. It takes less than 3.4 seconds to reach 100km / h (62mph), and it will eventually max at 320km / h (200mph).

So the recent Huracan has what it takes to hit an older 45…

Edo competition 675HP Porsche 911 Turbo S cracks 340 Km / h

Do not worry about the exclusive series – even the "standard" Porsche 911 Turbo S lacks power or performance. It packs 580 horses, will crack in less than three seconds and continue until it reaches 205 mph. But Edo competition has taken it even further.

Say hello to the blue arrow, a 991.2 Turbo S, which was chosen further. Instead of 580 hp, Edos version 675 brake power starts. And the thrust of almost 100 horses is a miracle.
The German tuner says it will reach 62 mph (100 km / h) in just 2.7 seconds and only hit 23.4 seconds on 186 (299 km / h). This is 6.2 seconds faster than the donor car. It does not stop until it reaches 213.8 mph (342 km / h). And this is not only the claim of the tuner, as it was confirmed by the Autobild at the Lausitzring in East Germany, which made this the fastest on the Turbo.

. Of course Edo Competition has not only tweaked the engine and left it there. It featured a new exhaust system, a GT3 RS-style front hood and 20-inch lightweight …

Baby Honda NSX shows its interior in patent pictures

Word about an alleged "baby" Honda NSX was limited in the last 12 months and without official talks about the car of Honda itself, the project might have been dead in the water.

However, a number of new patent images were published by the European Union Intellectual Property Office and Autoguide which highlight the interior of the upcoming sports car, supposedly designated as ZSX.
The pictures show that the car has an interior layout with obvious similarities to the current NSX, including a familiar center console design and dashboard. Perhaps the outstanding steering wheel and shawl seats, which seem to be attached to the monocoque, flow seamlessly into the doors.
The exterior of the illustrated vehicle is fairly identical with the patent images unveiled in August 2016 and this is certainly not a bad thing with the car adopting styling cues from the NSX but shrinking it into a smaller package.
When the car comes into question, it will act as the spiritual successor to t…

Audi a8 vs bmw 7 series

BMW 7 Series vs. Audi A8 vs. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Which is the world’s best $100,000 car?


Faraday Future represents BMW Ulrich Kranz as Chief Technology Officer

Despite the well documented difficulties that Faraday Future has, they were able to win yet another high-caliber executive, this time by BMW

Ulrich Kranz, former head of the BMW i, reports after a 30-year stint at the Bavarian automobile manufacturer, as Chief Technology Officer, Bloomberg .
Its main task is to make the 1.050hp FF 91 SUV from concept to a full production car, with the Chinese-supported startup with a cash crunch and concerns for the credibility of its top investor, LeEco founder Jia Yueting.

"I am not a job hopper," said Kranz. "Some people will probably lift the eyebrows" in response to the departure from BMW, he added. "But people who know me well know that I can take risks, I have always jumped into projects."

Read: 2018 BMW 8-Series, Officially Teased Ahead Of Villa d’Este Debut

Faraday Future announced last week that they are governing their much-advertised $ 1 billion factory in Nevada , But said that they are looking for anot…

Mercedes-Benz X-Class teases us one last time before today

With the development of the X-Class, Mercedes-Benz have taken their partnership with the Renault-Nissan alliance into new heights.

Based on the same underpinnings as the Navara and Alaskan, the pick-up truck comes to challenge the preferences of the Volkswagen Amarok and lure some customers looking for a premium pickup.
Mercedes has presented the final production model with a pair of concepts bearing the same name, but it is still unknown which engines will supply the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class with power. However, it is safe to expect a number of diesel and petrol units, with four and six cylinders to find their way under his hood.

Despite the use of the same platform as the two aforementioned vehicles, the company"s work horse is given a different exterior design, as the latest Teasers before the official debut planned For later today

At this point, one of the biggest questions still to be answered is whether Mercedes will also offer it in North America, since the officia…

Rolls-Royce Phantom Leaks Via Brochure 2018 ?

A Motor1 reader has sent us a juicy tip regarding the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom set to debut most likely before the end of the month. A trio of images has been published by a Chinese website and these are showing what seems to be the 2018 Phantom as the design matches what numerous spy images have been showing for the past few months.

Because of its special status, a Rolls-Royce is not that type of car that needs to undergo many styling changes from one generation to the other, hence why the Phantom VIII will bring only mild cosmetic tweaks compared to its predecessor.

Mercedes-Benz X-Class teases us one last time before today

Up front, the all-LED headlights have a sleeker, more high-tech look and flank an imposing grille bathed in chrome. There’s more of the shiny treatment noticeable on the bumper, which has been redesigned from the ground up and it now has more expansive vents.

These images, which seem to be photographs of the digital brochure, are depicting a two-tone…