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Doug DeMuro: Here's Why the Ferrari F40 Is Worth $1.3 Million

For the bulk folks, it might without doubt be quite troublesome to justify the worth tag of a vehicle that surpasses that of most homes. However, the Ferrari F40 is Associate in Nursing automotive masterpiece that's equal elements legend and icon.

Here, courtesy of Doug DeMuro, we have a tendency to square measure successively endowed Associate in Nursing in-depth investigate the posh ride, as DeMuro ultimately breaks down why the F40 is worthy as of the $1.3 million USD value purpose.

Ferrari 812 Superfast 2017 Specs - Acceleration - Dimensions - News Cars

Still suppose it’s a stretch? Press play on top of to visualize if Doug will sway you, then take care to observe as another Ferrari F40 fully destroys a covered mountain.

Hidden rear doors hold Ferraris SUV looking like a sports car

Chevy Bolt Faces The Tesla Model S 75D In CR's Range Test

The Chevrolet Bolt is a competitor for the newly launched Tesla Model 3, but Consumer Reports wanted to see how its range is comparable to that of a Tesla model.

And they did this by switching off the two electric vehicles on the same predefined motorway route with a speed of 65 km / h (105 km / h) with the air-conditioning system.Prior to reading the recordings, which have a clear winner, we will remind you that the Chevrolet Bolt can travel up to 238 miles (383km) on a single charge, thanks to its 60kWh lithium-ion battery, Electric motor. The prices for the GM-capable vehicle start from $ 37,495, before the federal tax credit.

New Tesla model 3 uses a smartphone as a key

The Tesla model S, in the 75D flavor, uses a 75kWh battery on the other hand, which allows to travel up to 259 miles (417km), intermediate charges. Prices for this version start at $ 69,500, with two-wheel drive, while the all-wheel drive model can be had from $ 74,500. The car manufacturer also offers it with a…

Tesla Model 3 Review Reveal Live World Premiere Full Length New Tesla 2017

Tesla Model 3 is a smaller, simpler and a more affordable electric car. Designed and built as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, it is a critical step in Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Like every Tesla vehicle, Tesla Model 3 combines range, performance, safety and technology. Intelligent design maximizes interior space to comfortably fit five adults and all of their gear. The high-efficiency powertrain provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 5.1 seconds.
Tesla Model 3 is designed to achieve the highest safety ratings in every category. Combined with 220* to 310 miles of range and a Tesla Model 3 starting price of $35,000 before incentives

New Tesla model 3 uses a smartphone as a key

Tesla Model 3 Price - $35,000
Tesla Model 3 Range: 220 miles (EPA estimated)
Tesla Model 3 Supercharging rate: 130 miles of range per 30 minutes
Tesla Model 3 Home charging rate: 30 miles of range per hour (240V outlet, 32A)
Tesla Model…

Range Rover Velar Review 2018 - carnewmag

2018 Range Rover Velar full pricing revealed - Car News

The new, mid-sized Rangey is here and we have many, many pictures What you’re looking at, according to Land Rover, isn’t just a car – it’s a digital butler. No, really.

When it goes on sale this summer, Land Rover says its brand-new Velar SUV is packed full of tech that will “create an in-built technology butler”, thanks to “an all-new, cutting edge infotainment system.”

Land Rover Launches the Ultimate Fahucht Tax in Utah and Namibia
Land Rover’s Peter Virk, who has a very long job title, says the system “learns from you and anticipates your needs, serving what you want, when you want it – but never intrudes… like any good butler.” According to Land Rover, the Velar plugs the gap between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. And before you ask “what gap?”, there is actually a niche there. The Sport is a willfully massive thing once you get it onto tight urban streets, and shaving about 50mm off the length and width will make for…

Audi looks to save $ 12 billion EV Future

Audi wants to reduce its costs by up to 10 billion euros (12 billion dollars) by 2022 in order to finance its fleet of electric vehicles.

Deutsche Zeitung Handelsblatt reports that Audi is working on five all-electric models and will bring the first to the market next year. In the form of the e-Tron SUV, it will mean a new era in the illustrious history of the German car manufacturer, but will not be cheap for the company.Sources suggest that despite the high costs associated with his EV program, Audi wants to keep an 8 percent operating income per year and intends to cut down most of the planned $ 12 billion by researching it

Audi's new all-electric concept vehicle, the E-tron Sportback, made its debut at the Shanghai auto show today. And in addition to being super

Urban Automotive Range Rover Velar is almost an SVR

As we wait for the arrival of the Range Rover Velar SVR, Urban Automotive, based in the UK, offers the next best, thanks to its distinctive styling package for the advanced SUV.

Aggression was clearly the name of the game when designing this kit because Urban overshooted the front bezel and fitted custom air intakes and new top and bottom grilles with black, horizontal slats. In addition, the Range Rover lettering found on the bonnet has been replaced by "Urban".On the sides, the tuner has a set of 23 inches, forged offset wheels mounted and the brake pads painted red. To our eyes, the front is a bit too exaggerated, but the adjustments found on the back are just right.

There is a distinctive diffuser, clearly shaped quad tailpipes and a mounted bumper that works wonderfully next to the beaded arches and the wide tire.source:

Official: it's the new Range Rover Velar

The new, mid-sized Rangey is here and we have many, many pictures

What you’re looking at,…

New Tesla model 3 uses a smartphone as a key

There is no traditional key for the new Tesla model 3; Instead, the new electric sedan will use the owner's smartphone to open and launch via Bluetooth.

The Tesla model 3 recognizes the paired smartphone and unlocks automatically and makes itself ready to go.
In the very probable event of the battery on your mobile that runs flat, you will no longer be stranded in your car as it will also be Tesla An NFC key card that is thin enough to be in a wallet to keep.

Yes, it's the same key card that was discovered on a video tag before the official event event, but unlike previous iterations, the Key Card of Model 3 will have a pure backup role.

With the map to unlock the model 3, it has to be pressed against the B-pillar and put it on a certain point between the seats to start it.

Tesla is currently faced with a huge challenge, because the production of the model 3 must build up to 20,000 examples per month in December.

tesla model 3 specs, tesla model 3 picturesp, tesla model 3 rev…

New VW T-Roc Small SUV teased, debuted on August 23rd

Volkswagen is always ready to go after the Nissan Juke with a completely new small crossover, the T-Roc.On August 23, the T-Roc debuted in a new video, which provides insights into the exterior and interior architecture.Under the Tiguan, the new Volkswagen T-Roc, presented by a concept car more than 3 years ago, is underpinned by the MQB A0 architecture, which is shared with the new Seat Ibiza and Polo.
The engine set-up is to include three- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines such as the devices 1.0L, 1.5L, 1.6L and 2.0L, which are equipped with a commercial transmission. Earlier reports spoke about a four-wheel drive option offered at an extra charge.

A ‘Bad’ performance version of the Subcompact SUV is also believed to be on the table, according to sources.

The T-Roc is inspired by the larger Tiguan, albeit with bolder front and rear ends. Wide fenders and a rawned roof are also expected to be part of the package, while inside gathers a selection of leather and fabric mater…

Land Rover Launches the Ultimate Fahucht Tax in Utah and Namibia

Land Rover starts two adventure trips in Namibia and Utah, with the new Discovery in both cases.
The Namibia Adventure is an eight-day trip to some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildlife in Africa, while the Utah Adventure takes five days and offers some more challenging driving in one of the most beautiful landscapes in North America.Land Rover’s new adventures unite the epic journey with a self-propelled new discovery: guests can take photographs of the sand dunes, explore the African beats at Etosha National Park and meet the Namib Desert meeting the South Atlantic.

The Namibia adventure leaves on 1 May 2018 and is fixed at 5.945 Euro ($ 6,943) per person, which includes all Land Rover driving events, accommodation, meals and airport transfers.

Anyone looking for a hardcore off-road challenge can find what they’re looking for in the Utah adventure. This trip offers exciting rides in the spectacular scenery around Moab, with red rock landscapes, the beautiful Arches National…

Now you can take the Regalia of the Final Fantasy in Forza Horizon 3

The vast majority of cars in Forza – or any driving game for that matter – are real cars that you could find on the road … but not all of them. Like this latest addition to Forza Horizon 3

The developers of Turn 10 Studios have added the Regalia to the driving sim and surpassed it from another popular game: Final Fantasy XV
King Regis driving represents the height of elegance Four-door convertible in the grandest parade car style – like the Lincoln Continental from Entourage or the Cadillac Ciel concept from the year 2011 (which incidentally in the Entourage film). Only the Regalia is not a classic from a time or even a unique concept. This comes from the fictitious land of Eos, where Noctis Lucis Caelum and his entourage go. Oh, and it has what would probably be the largest folding hardtop mechanism in business, it was actually to exist.

The Regalia is not the first fantasy car to take the leap to Horizon 3 from another video game. Last summer the developers ported over…

Matt Farah leaves farewell to the M5 competition package

The BMW M5 is a real legend in the performance car segment and in the F10 Competition Package Guise, can keep pace with a series of heavy second-door mid-engine supercars.

Before the replacement is presented in the near future, the smoking tire Matt Farah jumped behind the wheel of an F10 M5 competition package to explore what makes this highway cruiser an effective weapon on the road.
Power for the car comes from a 4.4-liter twin turbocharger V8 engine, which produces 567 hp and nevertheless does not have the exhaust gas note of its V10-powered predecessor, it offers some simply only driving nerve kitzel, partly thanks Its wide power band and the exceptional double clutch transmission.

To meet the F10, the new M5 must be serious. We can not wait to find out in full what BMW has in stock.

The Lamborghini Centenario is as insane as one expected


Jaguar XJ GHOST CAR Amazing "Follow Me" Satnav Head Up Display REVIEW



• Jaguar Land Rover reveals its ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ research, which uses transparent roof pillars to give the driver a 3600 view outside the car

• To aid navigation on busy urban roads, a ghost car could be projected in front of the car for the driver to follow

• The concept uses future Heads-Up Display technology to provide information to keep the driver’s eyes on the road and reduce distraction

• ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’ and ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’ are part of a suite of new concept technologies that Jaguar Land Rover is developing to reduce the potential for accidents

Whitley, UK: Jaguar Land Rover has launched a research project to develop technologies that will offer drivers a 3600 view out of their vehicle, uninterrupted by the pillars that support the roof.

A screen would be embedded in the surface of each pillar inside the car and would take a live video feed from …

The Lamborghini Centenario is as insane as one expected

Only 20 Lamborghini Centenario Coupes are built, each for an absurd price ($ 2.3 million) and each tied for the brand"s most productive collector.

In recent weeks, a series of Centenarios has been delivered in the United States, and Motor Week recently had the exclusive opportunity to experience Lambo"s latest mid-engine supercar.
Unlike previous limit Lamborghinis, namely the Sesto Elemento, the Centenario is almost mechanically identical with the Aventador SV, on which it is based. The interior is also very similar to the SV, and the only comprehensive upgrades concern the carbon fiber body, which can be trimmed in a plethora of colors and designs.

How is a Supercharged, Widebody Lamborghini Huracan sound to you?

Like the Aventador SV, the Centenario is naturally powered by an animal-aspirated 6.5-liter V12, but its power was increased from 750 hp to 770 hp.

So, how is it to drive this mental Lambo? Just click on the video below and you will find it.


source: w…

Lift this McLaren Can-Am Racer for less than a New 720S

Racing series is governed by rules, and it is largely the difference between these rules, which distinguish a number of others. Not Can-Am, though. Can-Am had practically no rules – at least not as far as the cars were affected. And McLaren was positive.

While the team was just starting out in Formula One, it was absolutely the competition in the Canadian-American Challenge Cup, which showed Porsche, Lola and Chaparral how it was done.
Bruce McLaren Motor Racing (as a team was known at the time) won the championship five years between 1967 and 1971. In 1969 she won every last race on the calendar – and that was the longest season in the championship history. In fact, McLaren came to dominate the series so completely that it became known as "the Bruce and Denny Show," in terms of the team"s top riders – Bruce McLaren and Denny Hulme.

Read: McLaren Debuts New 570S Spider, Costs £ 20,000 More Than The Coupé

Bruce died behind the wheel of a his Can-Am racing driver in 1…