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This car is perfect for me it's my f...

This car is perfect for me it’s my favorite Car and my favorite color! maroon Range Rover 😍😍😍

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2018 Lincoln Continental - interior Exterior and Drive

Lincoln Continental Like the whole itself, a piece ongoing. A whole named when a beloved yankee president—and that once equipped cars to presidents—is currently wanting to China for salvation. Following Buick’s estab

lished path, Lincoln sees the center Kingdom and its swelling ranks of status-obsessed nouveaux material resource because the ladder on that it plans to climb back to plug connexion. In China, Lincoln still is related to Kennedy and Eisenhower and yankee glamour. There, Lincoln carries no negative baggage from decades of neglect. In China, the new Lincoln Continental hopes to form its—pardon the Lincoln pun—mark.

Sybaritic front thrones, four hundred ponies from Lincoln-exclusive V-6, well-tuned steering.

Suspension steps heavily, transmission desires higher manners, throttle mapping is sensitised.

In the us, wherever drivers square measure maybe alittle additional discerning, the Continental lugs the ball and chain of Lincoln’s more moderen history and can nee…

CR's top tips to cool your car faster on a hot summer day

Most of us have a ritual when we return to our rides that have been baking under the sun for a long time to cool them, but is our way, right way

Well, depending on the solution, the answer might vary, Consumer Reports believes, since they have a video filled with tips and tricks, so we do not sweat on the road.
The first information will not only help to cool your vehicle faster, but it will also drop the mile count when you are ready to look at it since the air conditioner is running while the car is stationary will not help. Instead, what you should do is turn it off, open the window, crank the fan, and start driving.

As soon as cold air comes out of the ventilation openings, you should close the front windows, but keep the tailgate only a bit open for an additional 10 to 20 seconds. This creates an easy way for the hot air to escape the cabin, apparently, and it is an important step to cool the cabin faster.

What else should you do on a hot summer day to transform your ride f…