W motors together with ICONIQ brings several models to 2017 Shanghai show

During this year"s Shanghai Auto Show, W Motors will present its red Lykan HyperSport and the upcoming Fenyr SuperSport concept before its production debut in November at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The Arab Supercarmaker also celebrates its strategic alliance with its partner ICONIQ Motors by unveiling the ICONIQ Seven model in Shanghai. This luxurious electric MPV is presented in the premium as well as in the VIP edition, as prototypes with serial production are planned for 2019.

The ICONIQ Seven was designed by W Motors as an "innovative and superior approach for the electric vehicle solution". Its development brought renowned partners from all over the world together with the sole purpose of building the first luxurious MPV of its kind.

Shanghai Auto Show visitors can make their way to the W Motors and ICONIQ Motors Stand 5A03 where you can enjoy the ICONIQ Seven Premium and VIP Editions as well as the exclusive Lykan HyperSport and Fenyr SuperSport Concept between April 19th and 28th April admire.






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