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“we’re already all related to the wireless,” miguel cortina sr. tells me via the open window as i method the scarlet purple minivan. he’s speaking for himself, his wife, cecilia; his daughter, fernanda; and his eldest son and motor trend en español editor, miguel jr. they’ve been in the van less than five mins.

the cortina own family has joined me and photographer robin trajano on hawaii’s large island for the release of the all-new 2018 honda odyssey, and that they’ll be consulting on our reviews. i can be a expert car reviewer, but i don’t have kids and that i’ve had little revel in loading children and their stuff right into a minivan. i can let you know how the odyssey rides and handles and all that, however the cortinas have owned seven minivans from four automakers (which includes two odysseys) over nearly  decades. they recognize this stuff internal and out.

it’s straight away apparent whilst we prevent for a smash. the circle of relatives is digging around the shipment region, and cecilia is running the 0.33-row seats like a seasoned. before miguel jr. or i'm able to say anything, she’s already got them folding and stowed. “brilliant smooth,” she says.

“that’s a virtually cool component what you’re doing there, robin,” miguel sr. says from the second one row. robin is working the “magic slide” second-row seats, which now not handiest slide ahead and again but additionally slide side-to-side as nicely. pop out the middle seat, and the outboard 2nd-row seats may be manually slid closer to the center of the automobile in several different positions. it makes lots greater room for accessing the third row, and it places the kids closer to the middle of the car and within easier attain of the the front row. the seats additionally tilt ahead for greater get admission to to the third row. most importantly, they could make these kinds of movements with a car seat mounted. no matter where the second one row is ready, there’s masses of legroom, shoulder room, hiproom, and toe room within the 2d and third rows – even for tall adults.

as neat as the seats are, they’re not flawless. the seatbacks do now not fold flat like in different minivans, and that they best tilt forward at a very sharp angle—you could’t stack something on pinnacle of them like you would possibly in other vans, and they don’t truely open up any additional room for hauling longer gadgets. if you need to make a big ikea run, you’ll need to take out the seats, and it’s an hard undertaking: remove the middle seat, center the seats front-to-returned, slide them all the way out to the doorways, take the pinnacle rest off (makes it simpler), tilt the seats ahead, pull the release cope with, elevate and slide the seats backward to release them. as soon as you have got them freed from their tracks, it’s a back exercising to battle the the 69-pound beasts out of the van. a 2d pair of hands might be helpful, and i don’t advise doing it frequently. there’s also no committed area onboard to store that middle seat. honda, for their component, says their clients hardly ever haul long and bulky items.

nonetheless, they skip the cortina check. “my mom and that i were just reminiscing about how hard it became to get inside and out of the back seats before,” miguel jr. says. plus, it means anyone can get in on the curb side of the car regardless whether vehicle seats installed in the 2nd row.

“first critique,” miguel sr. announces, “there’s no hooks in the returned to your buying bags.” it seems like an abnormal oversight from honda.

returned on the street, the own family is playing with all the tech features.

“i love that i can assist my mother out with the aid of looking up an address for her and sending it,” fernanda says. she’s attempting the honda cabin manipulate app on her cellphone. any family member can download it and connect with the auto’s amusement, navigation, and climate manage structures. customers can regulate the rear weather manage, add songs to a social playlist and ship them to the stereo, look up addresses and send them to the navigation machine, and manipulate the rear seat enjoyment system. mother and father can set permissions for every character telephone and can constantly deny a track or vacation spot despatched to the infotainment system. one component the children can’t manipulate from the back: the stereo extent.

the infotainment system itself is a large breakthrough for honda. the software program is all-new and android-based totally, and it’s been designed to resemble the house display for your smart smartphone. all of the principal capabilities have been damaged out into apps, each acting as a tile you could drag round to customise the screen. there are also 3 favored slots at the top of the display which are always present, allowing you to create shortcuts to particular features which include satellite radio, navigation, and so on. now not only does it assist you to pinch, swipe, and drag, but it also in reality responds as speedy as a telephone screen, some thing many manufacturers can’t say. honda even brought lower back an audio quantity knob. underneath the display screen, tough buttons have been selected for functions honda thinks you may need to use the minute you get in the automobile, in preference to anticipating the infotainment display screen to load—weather manipulate and seat warmers/coolers. the system can receive over-the-air software program updates from your property wi-fi or at the dealer, and the onboard 4g lte wireless hot spot can pull facts from its personal account or from a telephone acting as a hotspot.

“the digicam inside the back is notable to watch the babies,” miguel sr. says. he’s playing with cabin watch, which mounts a digital camera on the ceiling by means of the rear seat leisure machine. it helps you to see both the second and third rows from the infotainment display screen, and it could look over the pinnacle of rear-dealing with toddler seats. it also has an infrared night time vision mode, and you may zoom in via pinching and spreading your arms on the screen.

complementing the digital camera is the cabin talk characteristic pioneered in concept by using toyota, which alternatives up the the front seat passengers and broadcasts their voices over the rear speakers and also through the stressed and wireless headphones. later, as robin is striking out the lower back to get motion pictures of miguel jr. in a 2nd van, i’ll use it to speak with him in preference to screaming over the wind.

“that is just like the remaining photograph aid car,” robin tells me. he’s something of a minivan expert himself. minivans are our desired photograph vehicles because they trip smoothly, are low to the ground, and have large home windows, doors, and hatches to shoot out of. they also have a ton of room for tools when the seats are stowed or removed. robin has shot out of each minivan in the marketplace and chaperoned our long-term kia sedona remaining year. he does have one grievance approximately our loaded elite tester: there’s simplest one sunroof.

he’s also much less than enamored with the single-display, ceiling-hooked up rear seat entertainment device. “we have been attempting to look at a film inside the back, and it turned into kinda convoluted,” he says. “the menus have been hard. we desired to get the film at the headphones and the the front row desired to concentrate to the radio, and it changed into hard to figure out. while we had been accomplished, we couldn’t get the radio within the back until we grew to become off the rear entertainment device.”

anybody turned into, but, a fan of the how a good deal in addition function. if there’s a destination in the navigation gadget, a image can be opened on the rear seat entertainment gadget displaying how some distance you’ve long past and the way some distance and how lengthy there is left to head. the machine additionally accepts inputs from a blu-ray player up front, an hdmi port within the returned, usb ports, or streaming over the in-vehicle wi-fi community. powering any of those attached gizmos comes courtesy of 2.5-amp usb ports, 12-volt electricity ports, and a 110-volt outlet.
back up the front, cecilia is driving now, and he or she likes it. “the steerage in my sienna was too gentle,” she says of her last van. “you sneeze, and the complete vehicle would pass.”

i’m along with her. the odyssey’s steering has a very herbal weight to it and responds linearly. you get exactly as a whole lot steering as you ask for, whenever. worried your lifestyles goes to be extraordinary lame in case you get a minivan? you may sit back. the odyssey handles brilliantly, and you can have a look at that  similarly exact approaches. on the only hand, the exasperated determine can be happy the van actions so fluidly, with so little head toss it'll in no way disturb the kids. on the opposite, it’s astounding how fast you may hustle around a nook. the odyssey corners shockingly flat for a van, has far greater grip than you’d think, and is unflustered via mid-nook bumps. other minivans don’t take care of this nicely, and a fair variety of sedans and suvs don’t, both.

trip best is as amazing as the handling. the odyssey has an all-new rear suspension and remodeled front suspension, and that they’re dialed. no fancy adjustable shocks right here, simply solid tuning. it rides over bumps big and small infrequently noticing them. little shake or noise is transmitted to the interior. in fact, almost not anything from the outside international receives internal. there’s 0 wind noise, and the engine is quite quiet. it’s a totally serene surroundings, even at expressway speeds.
“the strength is good in case you need it to skip any individual on the highway,” says miguel sr., now taking his flip at the wheel. honda introduced 32 horsepower and 12 lb-ft. of torque to the acquainted 3.5-liter v-6, for totals of 280 horsepower and 262 lb-toes. honda says it can be as lots as a complete second faster to 60 mph than the competition, but even though it feels very brief for a minivan, we doubt it’ll hit 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. it’s more likely to hit 6.5 seconds like its platform dual, the in addition sized and weighted pilot. that would nonetheless make it the quickest minivan we’ve tested.

the freshened engine can be had with either a zf-designed and built 9-pace automatic or, on the top  trims, an all-new honda-designed and built 10-speed automatic. handiest the 10-pace become available for our power, and it shifts fast and easily, and reacts right away to the standard paddle shifters (because positive, why now not positioned paddles on a minivan).

even though it doesn’t hunt within the higher gears, pretty much every slight press of the fuel will trigger a downshift for more energy, although most owners probable gained’t even observe. the odyssey crew claims they’ve exorcised the demons from the 9-pace inside the past yr-and-a-half because the pilot released, but based totally on our enjoy with our lengthy-time period pilot, we’re going to wait until we’ve driven it ourselves. if you can’t manage to pay for a $45,450 odyssey visiting version, although, you’ll be satisfied to understand the nine- and 10-speed vans get the equal 19 mpg town/28 mpg toll road/22 mpg combined, a number of the excellent in the elegance. both way, you get a cylinder deactivation gadget and energetic grille shutters to store fuel, and the 10-pace automobiles get computerized idle engine prevent/begin. the cortina circle of relatives thinks the frenzy-button equipment shifter is neat. i disagree.

simply, while you integrate all the above with the honda sense suite of passive and lively protection structures, which comes wellknown on the whole lot however the base model, the odyssey will become a futuristic own family space capsule. the whole lot’s so cozy inner, there are such a lot of gizmos to play with, and adaptive cruise manipulate and lane-preserving help take a lot training session of using the automobile you can’t help but experience the adventure more than the force.

“five years in the past once I had the sienna, no,” cecilia replies. “but now, if i had grandkids, it would be first rate.”

again then, the youngsters have been all of their teens and Nineteen Twenties, and functions which includes the second one-row camera weren’t necessary. with young children, though, miguel sr. and cecilia may want to see wanting every feature at one factor or every other, especially the vacuum cleanser. cecilia drives a toyota rav4 in recent times and miguel sr. drives a bmw 428i, but they’ve owned a circumvent grand caravan, 3 ford windstars,  odysseys, and a toyota sienna. at one point, again within the ‘90s, they tried a chevrolet suburban however soured on it when it suffered a major rear suspension failure driving home from a circle of relatives vacation (no one become harm).

“we were speakme this morning at breakfast,” miguel sr. tells me the following day, “and if we were going to get every other minivan, it might be this one.”

is that the trip to hawaii speakme? i don’t assume so. this family ditched odysseys a decade ago due to the fact the toyota sienna drove higher and seemed better to them. they ditched the windstars for odysseys due to the fact the hondas had extra shipment area and had been more versatile. they dumped the suburban for, nicely, obvious reasons. the factor is, their loyalties lie with the fine van for buying a own family of six round, but it has to look accurate, too. the logo on the hood become by no means a whole lot of a component.

as for me, the professional tester, i'm able to see no purpose to doubt them. i’ve driven the whole crop of present day minivans, and despite the fact that there’s a first rate spread among the best and worst of them, the pinnacle 3 are very aggressive. the chrysler pacifica has stow ‘n’ cross seating and twin rear-seat enjoyment screens, and the kia sedona has a panoramic sunroof and especially cozy seats all round. but while it comes right down to which of those trucks rides, drives, and handles the fine, the odyssey stands proud. in relation to thoughtful, family pleasant functions, the odyssey sticks out. on the subject of comfort and connectivity, the odyssey stands proud. we’ll want a right massive check to claim an outright winner, however the 2018 honda odyssey is the pony to wager on.

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