Audi Q2 vs. Mini Countryman vs. Volvo V40 XC

If you’re looking for a compact family vehicle with a more adventurous look than the norm, you’ll probably see the Audi Q2, the Mini Countryman and the Volvo V40 XC.

Although the Volvo V40 XC is a jacked-up version of the normal tailgate model and is not really classified as a direct competitor to the other two, the company’s pricing policy places them directly against them.Then we have the smallest model of the Q range, which offers a more trendy design than the rest of the Audi SUV lineup while maintaining a practical and well-made cabin.

Finally, the mini countryman, who is rather ironic the larger model of the three, is bringing the company’s signature into the segment along with a cabin that actually fits into a family and, of course, one of the most athletic handling characters.

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