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Doug DeMuro: Here's Why the Ferrari F40 Is Worth $1.3 Million

For the bulk folks, it might without doubt be quite troublesome to justify the worth tag of a vehicle that surpasses that of most homes. However, the Ferrari F40 is Associate in Nursing automotive masterpiece that's equal elements legend and icon.

Here, courtesy of Doug DeMuro, we have a tendency to square measure successively endowed Associate in Nursing in-depth investigate the posh ride, as DeMuro ultimately breaks down why the F40 is worthy as of the $1.3 million USD value purpose.

Ferrari 812 Superfast 2017 Specs - Acceleration - Dimensions - News Cars

Still suppose it’s a stretch? Press play on top of to visualize if Doug will sway you, then take care to observe as another Ferrari F40 fully destroys a covered mountain.

Hidden rear doors hold Ferraris SUV looking like a sports car

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